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Cream & Black Thread

Zebrawood, Double Sided Glass Over Slate

Green/Silver Trimar (Top) Maroon & Orange (Bottom)

Poplar, Double Sided Glass Over Slate

Orange & Green Metallic

Orange & Brown/Gold Trimar

Black & Orange Built for

Glass over Slate Red Heart Pot with Laminate Striker

Black & Green/Silver Trimar

Blue & Maroon Thread

Black and Forest Green Thread

Purple Heart, Slate over Glass 3.25" with Purpel Heart / Corncob Striker

Blue, Black & Black/Silver Trimar

Green & Black/Gold Trimar

Cherry, Double Sided Glass Over Slate

Double Sided Glass over Slate Lacewood with one piece Poplar Striker

Green & Gold/Black Trimar

Black & Black/Silver Trimar

3.63" Glass over 2.5" Slate Double sided plastic pot with matching striker

Standard Sycamore Box, Silver & Black Trimar

Walnut Glass over Slate Double Sided Pot (Top) Wingbone with green thread (Bottom)

These two calls will be donated to the Archery Talk 2009 Turkey Contest

Red & Black Thread

3" Lacewood Slate with Purple Heart / Corncob Striker

The "Double Beard" Paddle Box Call, One side walnut, the other side sycamore. 2 birds, one call!

3" Brazilian Tulipwood Slate with Poplar / Walnut Striker

Zebrawood 3.25" Slate with Hickory Striker

Forest Green, Blue Thread